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Rural Carrier Heroes: Rolv Ihle, Cashton, WI; and Reva Dishman, Nocona, TX

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Postal Service employees delivering mail in Wisconsin and Texas recently came to the aid of customers who fell.

Cashton, WI, Rural Carrier Associate Rolv Ihle had a package for a man who was waiting for him at his mailbox.

As the customer turned to walk away, he took a spill and cut his head.

Ihle called 911 and applied pressure to the wound until emergency responders arrived.

He also checked on the customer the next time he was on that route.

In Nocona, TX, Rural Carrier Reva Dishman encountered an older couple who’d gotten stranded outside their home on a hot day.

The customers had returned from errands when the wife lost her balance while trying to move her husband into his wheelchair.

Dishman helped them get inside, called one of their relatives and stayed with them until someone arrived to provide further assistance.

Source: Rolv Ihle, Cashton, WI; Reva Dishman, Nocona, TX | USPS News Link

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