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Rural Carrier Heroes: Theresa Smith, Travelers Rest, SC and Renee Jones, Hampstead, NC

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Theresa Smith, Travelers Rest, SC

While on her route, Travelers Rest, SC, Rural Carrier Theresa Smith drove past a woman walking her dogs. When she checked her rearview mirror, she noticed the woman had suddenly disappeared. Smith went back and found she had fallen 10 feet into a ditch. After calming the dogs, Smith helped the woman climb out. Smith made sure she wasn’t injured and continued on her route.

Renee Jones, Hampstead, NC

Hampstead, NC, Rural Carrier Renee Jones was concerned when a customer hadn’t collected mail in several days. Jones checked on the woman, who said she was ill but didn’t want medical attention. Two days later, Jones checked on her again and found her condition had grown worse. She called 911 and emergency responders took the woman to a hospital where she underwent surgery. When asked about her involvement, Jones said, “I was just doing my job.”


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