Rural Carrier killed in wreck with logging truck in Georgia

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Georgia State Patrol is still investigating what caused the death of a postal employee on Highway 27 at Collard Valley Road on the Cedartown bypass earlier this afternoon.

Polk County deputy coroner Marty Robinson said that officials are still investigating how postal employee Gina W. Jackson, 52, of a Cedartown address, was killed today in a wreck involving a logging truck.

Her remains will be taken to the GBI crime lab for an autopsy, Robinson said.

Cedartown Police Chief Jamie Newsome said that Highway 27 between Highway 278 and North Main Street will remain closed for an indefinite period of time.

He has coordinated with the Department of Transportation to put up barricades at intersections to free up police officers from acting in their traffic direction role.

Check back for further updates as the story develops with the Standard Journal.

Previously posted: 

Reports indicate that there is one person dead in a log truck wreck involving a postal service vehicle near the intersection of U.S. 27 and Collard Valley Road in Cedartown.

Marty Robinson deputy Polk County Coroner said the person killed was a postal worker but would not release a name pending notification of kin.

Another person was injured and treated by Redmond EMS on the scene and taken to Polk Medical Center as well, Robinson said.

Cedartown Police Chief Jamie Newsome Cedartown said the intersections of U.S. 27 south and U.S. 278 and U.S. 27 at North Main Street are closed. Newsome said it will be a while before the wreck gets cleaned up.

Source: UPDATE: Coroner releases name of postal employee killed in wreck with logging truck – : Local

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Margaret Smith

So sad! We lost a carrier this way a few years ago. People don’t realize just how dangerous our job is! Prayers for her friends & family :'(

Sandy Devries-Glantz

Prayers from 37343

Melissa Moody

Prayers from 31516

Angela R. Breier

Prayers sent to the family..17268

Rosie Cyr

RIP…sad day for Postal Service

Jean Hart

Prayers to all involved.

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Prayers from 15357

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So sorry, sad day! Prayers from 98329

Tina Anderson- Raulerson

Prayers from 34601,33523

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Thoughts and prayers from 28904

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Prayers from 47201

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RIP my condolences to the families. 70377

Marie Evans McCarty

Prayers from 60046

Brigette McBride

May God rest their soul….prayers from ??77459

Boni Moore

My route is on Rte 27 in PA. Every day I tell my husband that one of the logging trucks is going to hit me off the road. They don’t slow down for anything!! This is terrible and so scary. Prayers to the family from 16354.

Deb Hodgdon

So sorry from 04537

David Eash

Thought of U Michelle when it was reported on our local evening news.

Carol Penny


Ame McManamey

Prayers to the family from 49036

Susanna Bürhans Glomme

Respects and prayers from 35803 and 35760 office

Joanne Spicketts-Cooper

Prayers and deepest sympathies for their family and their postal family… 46304

Wanda Britt Murphy

Prayers for the family from 31030 &31008

Merrye Gentry

Prayers from 30134

Donna Worsham

Prayers and condolences from 35956

Mary Lunnis Page

So sorry to hear of this tragedy. Praying for Gina’s family and friends

Lynn Welch Smith

Prayers sent from 30823

Patti Lindauer Petroski

So sad, condolences from FL 32960, prayers for everyone…

Christial Propest Martin

Prayer for family from 76050

Jennifer A Barry Sledge

Also sorry from 04538❤️

Lisa Dondero

Prayers from 34288

Candie Lorenz

Prayers 76039

Candie Lorenz

This is happening far too often. Prayers for all

Stephanie Hurst

Prayers to the family and coworkers 72416

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Prayers 72704

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Prayers from 65656

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Deepest condolences from 89027 and 84790.

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Prayers from 63090.

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Prayers from 37064 to all family, friends and coworkers.

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Prayers from 31701. Lord comfort the family and coworkers. Amen.

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Prayers from 35950 and 51

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Prayers to family and friends from 32958??

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So sorry for the Family and coworkers.

Dottie Cataldo Wyatt

Prayers from 34601/34610

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Deepest condolences! 35611

Laurie Anne Jordan

May The Lord lift up her family and friends bringing comfort and strength to them in this time of grief. 75956_75951
In Jesus name
Amen <