Rural Carrier Podcast – Rural Deviation

Check out the first ever rural carrier podcast. Josh Brandon a rural carrier is the creator and you can follow the podcast on Spotify or Youtube. Check it out.. He is also looking for people to be on the podcast to discuss rural carrier issues..

Disclaimer is not sponsored or authorized by the NRLCA, the USPS or any state or local association. The materials on’s web site are provided “as is”. They are presented here for informational use only. See full disclaimer

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Good job Josh. Do you have a Twitter account? I would like to have a way to communicate with you and everyone else

Rock star…

Thank you for the comments! I do not have Twitter. I do have a Facebook page for the podcast at If I create a Twitter I will be sure to post a link on there.

Way to go Josh! Very cool, Thanks for stepping up to be the encouragement we need.

Nice! Any way to allow downloading on Spotify? I don’t stream 🙂

Hey Josh, I enjoyed listening and appreciate your desire to help rural carriers! May I suggest a topic for your next podcast? The new “rural route evaluated compensation system” We are all being affected by it. It is going to make our job more demanding but it is important to understand how it works and the pros and cons of how it will affect us and the post office.

Download on Spotify is only available to premium users, unfortunately. But approval is pending from apple podcast and soon google play store as well.

Twitter is now up at @RuralDeviation
Thanks again. Hope y’all enjoyed it!

I just found the podcast’s Facebook page and for now it seems like the best place for all of us to talk about and discover this podcast! I feel like this ruralinfo post would be more helpful if it just had a link to the Facebook page; very few people use Spotify for podcasts, and the YouTube page doesn’t have a lot of info and isnt a great podcast platform, either. Listeners should be able listen to it on the platform of their choice by pasting the following feed into their app’s search function: Or an iTunes friendly link:… Read more »

My rural podacst is 4 years old!