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Rural Carrier rescued after vehicle swept away in Georgia flooding

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An Oglethorpe County mail carrier’s vehicle was swept away by a flooding creek during this week’s torrential rains, but the man was rescued by volunteers and public safety workers after a scary two hours trapped inside as flood waters roared around him.

The postal worker’s Jeep Wrangler tumbled about half a mile down Rains Creek on Wednesday when the man tried to drive across the ford where the river crosses Arnold Caldwell Road, said Mitch Slay, an Oglethorpe County man who operates a hunting preserve in the area between Lexington and Elberton.

The Wrangler finally stopped tumbling when it wound up lodged against an oak tree at the edge of the roaring water, said Slay, who helped pull the man to safety.

Source: Postal carrier rescued after vehicle swept away in Oglethorpe flooding | Online Athens

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