Rural Carrier rescued after vehicle swept away in Georgia flooding

An Oglethorpe County mail carrier’s vehicle was swept away by a flooding creek during this week’s torrential rains, but the man was rescued by volunteers and public safety workers after a scary two hours trapped inside as flood waters roared around him.

The postal worker’s Jeep Wrangler tumbled about half a mile down Rains Creek on Wednesday when the man tried to drive across the ford where the river crosses Arnold Caldwell Road, said Mitch Slay, an Oglethorpe County man who operates a hunting preserve in the area between Lexington and Elberton.

The Wrangler finally stopped tumbling when it wound up lodged against an oak tree at the edge of the roaring water, said Slay, who helped pull the man to safety.

Source: Postal carrier rescued after vehicle swept away in Oglethorpe flooding | Online Athens

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Looks like an expensive mistake, glad there ok my rule if I wouldn’t walk through, don’t drive through,

Glad the drive is ok but what dumb dumb.. My supervisors know I refuse to cross anything flooded..screw the mail and customers.. My life is more important than anything I have in that vehicle for them..

Thank god

It’s a 4 door jeep wrangler

Tracey Lynn Hill
Debbie Henry

Jill Ghianni

Oh my

Looks like a Jeep

What kind of vehicle is that???

Simple, it is in the creek.

You right. We had a road down here that had about 6″ of asphalt crumble off the side. I got over to the far lane and had to turn into a dirt road about 200′ past it. I looked back and the dirt under the asphalt was washed out about 2′ under the asphalt a good 18″ down. Needless to say they dug it out that day and replaced the culvert. Water over roads are bad news. I started to comment the other day. I get tickled when I hear the statement about four wheel drive. I’ve had four wheel… Read more »

That would be me! However, big difference between stuck in a ditch and driving across water! Never, EVER drive across water… Especially if you can’t SEE the bottom of the road.. And / or if the water is rushing across the road.. It’s a real big No No! 🙂

Cassie Pilgrim Bone

I know it!

Dang poor person

Wow! Praise The Lord he was OK! Amen <><

Wow. Close shave.

turn around, don’t drown. do not put your life in danger

Customers be like “where is my mail “

Post office be like, did you get that mail delivered first….

As someone on here posted the other day “I have four wheel drive, I don’t have to call for help”. Uh huh.