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Rural Carrier rescues customer stranded in garden

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HeroKarrieMcCullugh large storyRural Carrier Associate Karrie McCullouch was recently making deliveries in Croghan, NY, when she noticed an unfamiliar dog outside a residence.

She then heard someone yelling in the distance and thought it may have been the animal’s owner calling it home.

However, as McCullouch started to drive off, she saw an older customer lying on the ground across the road, waving for help.

The Postal Service employee rushed to check on the woman, who was, in fact, the dog’s owner but had fallen in her garden and couldn’t stand up on her own.

McCullouch safely helped the customer get back on her feet.

The woman, a widow who lives only with her pet, said she could have been stranded for an extended time and was grateful that McCullouch came to her rescue.

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