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Rural Carrier rescues injured woman on road

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Cay Dee Reynolds sees a lot of unusual things on her daily route as a mail carrier.

She’s seen bear, elk, moose — all kinds of critters in 15 years of doing her rural route on the outskirts of Bigfork. She doesn’t often rescue people.

 But that’s what she did when she recently found a 70-year-old woman lying in the road near the woman’s mailbox on Bear Creek. The woman had fallen and broken her ankle and could not walk. “She was just sitting there waving when I found her,” Reynolds said. The woman had tried crawling back to her house, but couldn’t make it.  Reynolds put her coat on the woman, who was nearly hypothermic, and warmed her up.

It’s not often that being late is a good thing for a mail carrier, but on this day, it was. If Reynolds had been earlier on the route, she might not have found the woman, who was alone on a quiet stretch of dirt road. “Thank God, or I would have missed her,” Reynolds said. “She was so cold.” The woman had been on the ground for two hours when Reynolds found her.

Source: Postal worker rescues injured woman on road – Bigfork Eagle: Bigfork Eagle

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