Rural Carrier retires from Post Office at 85

After driving an 84-mile daily route delivering mail for the United States Postal Service (USPS), Soledad resident Elmer Canevascini retired at the age of 85. Monday was officially his last day but his friends and family gathered at the Soledad Post Office on Friday and held a small retirement party.

“He will be hard to replace,” said Trish LaMacchia of the USPS. “He was one of our best employees, it will take two people to replace Elmer.”

Source: Gonzales Tribune Local man retires from Post Office at 85

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Reverse the 85. Yell

Resa Collier wow..

Oh my!!!!

Dean Land I got 20 more yrs to work


Wow John Sacco I can’t wait til we get to see Filosa retire at 85!!

We only have to wait what, 3 years?

so what are you going to do for the next 85 years now that your retired?

Amanda Viers

Can you print that off for me hahaha

That’s ridiculous IMO

That’s crazy!!! Way to go! I ain’t gonna be here that long, my body cant take it!!!!

Cassie Pilgrim Bone maybe this will be Don Wise

Only 15 years to go lol


Omg, I hope that is not me! 🙁

After waiting 50 years, the sub can go full time.

If I wait till that age they will have to carry me out in a hearse on my last day.