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Rural carrier saves hypoglycemic customer’s life

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Jerelyn Morton, a rural carrier in Stockbridge, GA, was recently delivering mail when she spotted a customer, James Alexander, unconscious in his garage.

Morton sprang into action, enlisting the help of his neighbor Roberta Richardson, calling 911 and performing CPR on him for five minutes until emergency responders arrived and took over.

Alexander, who has diabetes, was treated for a life-threatening low blood sugar level.

After he bounced back from the incident, WAGA, the Fox TV station in Atlanta, covered the trio’s reunion.

Alexander told the reporter: “I’m very thankful for those two ladies right there. I’d give everything I got for those women right now.”

“Mrs. Morton is really the hero, because she did what a lot of other people wouldn’t do,” Richardson said.

The Postal Service employee, who normally wouldn’t have been on that route that day, expressed gratitude for the fortuitous schedule change that put her there when Alexander needed her:

“I’m blessed and I would do it again.”

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