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Rural carrier saves injured customer’s life

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It was Certified Mail that brought Rural Carrier Megan Husby to an older customer’s door one day last summer in New Richmond, WI.

As she approached the man’s residence to get his signature, she spotted him lying on the ground in his front yard, mail scattered around him.

Husby rushed to assist the man, who had fallen the previous day while walking back from his mailbox, leaving him injured and weakened in hot weather.

The Postal Service employee safely helped the customer stand up and guided him to his kitchen, where she gave him food and water and called a neighbor, who soon arrived to provide further assistance and take him to a hospital.

There, the man was told he would not have survived another day.

“I’m not religious but I was totally sent to help him,” Husby said later. “He never gets packages or signature items. I rarely go to his door.”

She added: “If he does come home, I will be making stops to check on him. I am so glad I showed up.”

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