‘Rural delivery’ postal routes causing concern among residents

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas — When you think of mail delivery, you expect to see a postal worker in a uniform and that familiar postal truck, but KENS5 is learning mail is being delivered by postal workers who drive their personal cars and dress in regular clothes.

Source: ‘Rural delivery’ postal routes causing concern among residents | kens5.com

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Rural Free Delivery began on October 1, 1896. Rural carriers wear street clothes because the postal service does not pay rural carriers a uniform allowance like they do for city delivery carriers. Also, rural carriers are prohibited from purchasing postal uniforms from the authorized vendors even if they wish to pay with their own money.

And you’re just noticing this NOW???

Always wear Street clothes for 35 years!!! In own vehicle with US mail sign on top!! Don’t know how many kids I have explained to on how I drive in the middle!!! Still live my job!!!

I delivered Mail for over 20 years in my POV and regular clothes,
never had a problem

what the f*** did i just see? Rural carriers were around a hella long time before any LLV city routes.. guess Texas news likes being ignorant. so is the rich gay dude. whatevs. Apparently not one news person researched any facts before putting this toilet piece on the evening news. Including the “struggling Post Office” false rhetoric again.