Rural Letter Carriers Complain About Dramatically Reduced Pay

After a new evaluation system is implemented, some workers could lose $8,000 per year or more. Threats to quit have been widespread.

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Well I applied for a new job Friday evening.

As of 4/20/23 everything is on hold. Pay cuts should not reflect on the next pay check.

-$15,000 here

We need to push the union to scrap the withdrawal process from the 10 day window prior to your anniversary date to a simple 60 day notice. If 10,000 of us give notice all at the same time, it equals $8,000,000/year in lost dues. Anymore it seems like it will take something that drastic to get the top brass to grow a pair and do their job!

If you lost money then a.) you are not doing your scans/ mapping right or b.) your volume is way down and you’ve been overpaid since last mail count. C.) or both. I was a 43k and went up 10 hours, now as soon as you squall bags quit delaying the rrecs I can get paid a 48k and get some of this crap off my route. I’ve been carrying double and triple for free the last 3 years.

-17K here. and no i did not miss scans and no my volume is not really low. 100% my numbers are off though, the system will not allow us to correct errors or even check them for that matter

Blue it would be funny if they screw up next mini count and will lose like we did. You are selfish prick. How many time we have to tell you that we are missing numbers. No, you still have to tell us we did bad job. I’d suggest to other carriers anything that’s in the hamper without barcode scan as unscannable parcel. You get 16 seconds delivered in the box, 26 seconds deliver to the parcel locker and 51 seconds to the door. Parcel lockers don’t get 2 minutes credit. You just have to change your delivery way.

Blue, you need to apply for a management position. You are just the kind of asshole they are looking for. Now hiring for management positions, must be a complete dick and be willing to screw your fellow employees and be so full of shit that everyone hates you. See here, your perfectly fit the bill. I think you’ve missed your calling.

I think it’s quite humorous that a few of you think I’m a “prick” or “asshole” or “selfish” for expressing my feelings about what has transpired the past few years. I’m sure y’all are on Table 1 pay scale and are turtle slow and probably even technologically inept. I mention your deficiencies and how to improve your route like make sure you take packages to the door, THEN scan them. Make sure your mapping is lined up correctly. Do as many rural activity scans as possible. Anytime you sell a stamp do the stamp stock scan. Make sure your dismount… Read more »

Blue has to be a Post Master or a supervisor can someone block that person please.

Hey blow boy, I’ve been with the postal service for forty years and you couldn’t carry my bath water. I forgot more about delivering the mail than you will ever know. I was delivering mail when you was still shitting you diapers. I just wish I could meet you face to face so I could give you the ass whipping that you deserve.

Blue now there are now so many ways to cheat. Now everyone can sell book of stamp everyday and they can do rural reach. Unscannable parcels on every stop and if you do at the door it’s 51 sec. Accountable mail counts as long as you started. I suggest to scan it earlier before you get to the door. I don’t get why both menus not connected like parcel pick up. We have to do it twice with H and RRECS it’s O. Stupid. Guys little secret. You can scan letters. Probably blue found many ways to get extra scans.

Blue is a chooch who went up and acts like he knows have no clue. Ppl have done evedything right and still lost 10k plus..but its their fault. Cant wait till you lose what you just gained and then lose 10k more you clown…its coming

if they lower the salary and also the work there is no problem but with this system they pay me until 3 and I continue working until 4.30 something does not seem to me

I’ve been reduced from a 42K to a 40H. 130 miles in the middle of nowhere with 400 stops, no services and two post offices. 10+ hours a week lost with no overtime. I’ve been told by my post master that once a route loses on evaluation it can never be updated or corrected and any attempt would be considered fraud.Ill give it a couple months then I’m giving my notice. Absolutely ridiculous!