Rural mail carrier not stuck in the past

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It’s a Saturday and the start of the weekend for most people. Not Clay Myer. He headed for the post office on Chestnut Street soon after daybreak to sort 3,000 pieces of mail and stack it in his Toyota pickup with a camper cover on the back.

By 10:30 a.m., the truck — front and back — is packed with letters and packages to be delivered to Southside, rural route 15, which is 53 miles long with 640 stops.

Myer has driven more than 300,000 miles in the past 26 years as a rural mail carrier. He’s worn out four pickups: three Toyotas and one Chevrolet. His rusty Tacoma has 268,000 miles on it, and he’ll drive it until it falls apart.

But as president of the Alabama Rural Letter Carriers Association, he’s now logging sky miles as he leads the state’s efforts to continue six-day postal delivery and to expand services that will help the U.S. Postal Service compete in a rapidly changing economy.

via Rural letter carrier on Southside route leads state group |.com.

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Charlotte DeZern Daniels via Facebook

Long route

Tenishia Sunshine Sylvester via Facebook

Charlotte Downey Upton

Lynn Mench via Facebook

I was happy to come off a 89 mile rt to a 52. Makes a big difference.

Charlotte Downey Upton via Facebook

This is the PRESIDENT OF THE ALABAMA RURAL LETTER CARRIERS ASSOCIATION. He is one of the most Humble men you will ever meet. As you can see he still carries his route most days. MR. CLAY MYER….makes all of us in ALABAMA VERY PROUD.

Kevin Head via Facebook

Not a long route, but fairly dense. 640 stops.


Why not use an accurate photo in your story. Left hand drive???? No way!

Becky Ryan

Tell me what’s wrong with this picture. Duh. Left hand drive??

Becky Ryan via Facebook

Tell me what’s wrong with this picture. Duh. Left hand drive??

Jacklyn Reed via Facebook

When he gets to his first box he slides over to the middle to deliver out the right side. Just like many of us who have done it that way for years!

Angel Brown via Facebook

Clay Myer is a good guy and very knowledgeable!

Amy Smith Crain via Facebook

We are supposed to wait till we start our routes to get on the right side. Clay is a good man and I am proud he is standing up for 6 day a week!

Angel Brown via Facebook

Charlotte Downey Upton I agree with everything you said!

Jim Davis via Facebook

Becky Ryan, lots of us old-timers sit in the passenger seat and use our left foot on the pedals. Getting hard to find vehicles without huge center consoles,

Joann Philo Handley via Facebook

I sit in the drivers seat and use a mail hawk easssy peassssy

Gina Schreiber via Facebook

Joann, what kind of vehicle and what size mail hawk? A medium-sized one?


Do you think that you get paid by the hour? If I did I would use a mail

Matthew Chavez

Lizbeth, left-hand drive isn’t as big a deal as people make it out to be. 2005 Honda Civic, standard trans (so the stick is always in my way), and lowered 2.5 inches. If I can fit/deliver a K46 in that vehicle, I’d imagine it shouldn’t be an issue for those with larger vehicles.


Yeah, all you “go getters” keep doing those acrobatics year after year. You’ll wind up like lots of the older carriers…bad back, shoulders, knees, elbows, etc. It wears your joints out after so many years.

Jody Rials Hart

I was lucky enough to meet him once……God speed Clay. May your family find comfort through God, friends and family.

Jana Wetherington Mercer

Praying for his family!

Jane Collins Gardner

So sorry for your loss prayers for family and friends.

Sharon Engle Danke

What happened to him? Praying for his family.

Donna Worsham

I met him a few times at Union meetings. Such a nice person.

Helen Perez Dean

Very nice man ! Will miss seeing him at the meetings . Prayers for his family .

Helen Perez Dean

Heart attack

Tina Anderson- Raulerson

Prayers to his family from 34601

Mary O'Keefe Wooley

May God bless his family and his soul. Just saw him at Legislative Seminar in May.

Stephanie Morales

I’m so sorry, he was a great man that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Prayers out to his family.

Cindy Askew Chreiman

Sending prayers