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Rural mail carrier not stuck in the past

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It’s a Saturday and the start of the weekend for most people. Not Clay Myer. He headed for the post office on Chestnut Street soon after daybreak to sort 3,000 pieces of mail and stack it in his Toyota pickup with a camper cover on the back.

By 10:30 a.m., the truck — front and back — is packed with letters and packages to be delivered to Southside, rural route 15, which is 53 miles long with 640 stops.

Myer has driven more than 300,000 miles in the past 26 years as a rural mail carrier. He’s worn out four pickups: three Toyotas and one Chevrolet. His rusty Tacoma has 268,000 miles on it, and he’ll drive it until it falls apart.

But as president of the Alabama Rural Letter Carriers Association, he’s now logging sky miles as he leads the state’s efforts to continue six-day postal delivery and to expand services that will help the U.S. Postal Service compete in a rapidly changing economy.

via Rural letter carrier on Southside route leads state group |.com.

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