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Rural mail carrier Olivia Allee awarded Postmaster General Hero award

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Rural carrier Olivia Allee was awarded with a Postmaster General Hero award from California Postmaster Krystal Drone on Feb. 21, for her quick work attending to the safety of a local customer.

According to a summery of events, while delivering mail, Allee found a note from the customer offering a baked pie for her. Walking toward the home of the individual she found the customer fell on the ground.

Allee acted fast, calling 911 for the customer while she covered him with a blanket and waited for help.

In a letter from the customer addressed to Allee following the incident, the customer wrote, “You probably saved my life. It was getting dark when you found me lying in the driveway near dark and temps dropping like a rock.”

The letter noted the USPS should be “proud to have an employee like Olivia,” saving him from minus-20-degree weather.

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