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Rural Mail carrier rescues injured Hope Hull man stranded for 10 days 

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A Hope Hull man is thanking a postal worker for saving his life following a horrific ordeal that left him lying wounded on the floor of his house for ten days.

The man was unable to get help after a terrible fall and found different ways to stay alive until his mail carrier found him.Cissy Cartwright, who has been delivering mail in Hope Hull for more than 20 years, knew something wasn’t right when she noticed that one of the residents on her route hadn’t checked his mail in several days.

Tommy Hope, 66, has a long driveway and his home sits back off the road in a secluded rural area so she decided to go back to check on him.

Over the years, Cartwright has learned the habits of those she delivers to and looks after senior citizens and those who live alone, like Hope. She also knew Hope suffers from a bad back.

When she pulled up, Cartwright found Hope’s front door open and his truck in the front yard with the hood up. She went to the door and called for Hope and he yelled back to her for help. She found him on the floor, dehydrated and injured and learned that he’d been there for more than a week. She called 911 and waited with him until an ambulance arrived.

Source: Mail carrier rescues injured Hope Hull man stranded for 10 days – WTVM.com-Columbus, GA News Weather & Sports

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