Rural Mail Carriers Face Pay Cuts That Could Worsen Service Woes for Vermonters

The U.S. Postal Service has imposed big pay cuts on some Vermont workers in rural areas, leading to fears that carriers will quit and leave the postal service less able to provide reliable mail delivery.

The pay reductions are the result of a new system the postal service has adopted to calculate the salaries paid to rural mail carriers. Nationwide, two-thirds of those carriers will make less money.

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The Post Office will start hiring from the millions of illegals being let into the country.

The PO doesn’t care about us, whether your a regular or a sub start looking for a new job. It will only get worse!

There have already been people quitting and a lot of people who can retire are getting out also. I’ve spoken with opm and the lady told me that they are processing thousands of applications a month, and I’m one of them. Just wait until employees get to see their pay cut this Friday. That’s when it will really hit home and that’s when you are going to see many more heading to the door.

The post office doesn’t care if you quit. They will work whoever is left to death. They do not care one iota about the catriers. Make no mistake, the only ones paid fairly are the clerks and management. I hate this job so much. Drowning in amazon packages 2 to 3 trips a day. Anyone else get zeros on casing dps? Guess that shit just delivers itself