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Rural mail route carrier brings surprises 

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When Kristi Hanna graduated from Northwest Missouri State University and began teaching first grade in Iowa, she never thought she’d return to Maryville, and she never thought she’d transition from teaching children to delivering mail for the United States Postal Service.

Hanna taught full-time until she had her children, and then she worked as a substitute teacher at North Nodaway. While her children were young, she and her husband Gary owned Paradise Donuts. One day in 1985, a mail carrier came into the doughnut shop complaining that he didn’t have a substitute for his route. He recommended that Gary take the job. About a decade later, Hanna found herself agreeing to do the same to help for a short time. Now, after 20 years, Hanna is putting her teaching experience to use as a rural carrier academy trainer.

“I should’ve asked how long ‘a little while’ was,” she said.

Source: Rural mail route carrier brings surprises | Features | Maryville Daily Forum

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