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Rural Reach Day – Postal districts to celebrate program Jan. 24

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The Postal Service will celebrate its lead-sharing program for rural carriers by designating Friday, Jan. 24, as Rural Reach Day.

Across the nation, USPS districts will hold events to thank rural carriers for contributing to the program, which has generated more than $640 million in estimated annualized revenue since it began in 2008.

“On Rural Reach Day, we’ll remind rural carriers how important they are to the success of our organization and encourage them to continue to seek and submit new leads for our sales force,” said Mary Anderson, small-business engagement director at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

This year, Rural Reach Day is part of Race for a $Billion, the Postal Service’s campaign to raise $1 billion in estimated annualized revenue through sales leads from employees.

About $259 million has been raised since the fiscal year began in October, including $11 million through Rural Reach.

The Sales Blue page has an updated ranking of all USPS districts in the Race for a $Billion campaign, as well as more information about Rural Reach and other lead generation programs.

Maria Millan, a Lakeland, FL, rural carrier, recently submitted a sales lead from a bamboo supplier that generated more than $97,000 in new revenue.

“It’s easy to spot an opportunity,” Millan said. “They don’t always turn into new revenue, but when they see you every day, they trust you and they know you only have their best interests in mind.”

Rural Reach Day | USPS News Link

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