Rural Route Digitization Program

On March 25, 2019, the NRLCA was notified that USPS will begin a 6-week “rural route digitization” program. Starting March 28, 2019, USPS will utilize the GPS “breadcrumb” information collected by the MDD (Scanner) to plot the line of travel for each rural route. The route mileage obtained from this information will be compared to the paid mileage for the route and the official line of travel on PS Form 4003.

Rural Carrier work methods will NOT be altered in any way by this data collection. However, in anticipation of questions from the field, we have prepared the following Q and A:

    1. Q. Will my line of travel be changed due to this breadcrumb data collection?
      A. Possibly. If the data collection shows that there is a more efficient way to travel your route and make all assigned deliveries, management has always had the right to make changes to your line of travel. Of course, safety concerns such as avoiding left turns, U-turns etc. would have to considered.


    1. Q. Will management change the PS Form 4003 or my paid mileage using data collected from the breadcrumbs?
      A. The MDD GPS data should not be used to change mileage. An official route remeasurement is the only contractual method of changing the 4003 or the paid mileage on a route.


    1. Q. Can management remeasure my route based on information collected by the MDD?
      A. Yes. Article 30.1.E governs Route Remeasurement.
      “Rural Routes shall be remeasured upon request of the rural carrier or when the Employer determines it is necessary. The rural carrier assigned to the route has the right to be present in a non-duty status at the remeasurement.”


    1. Q. How will a remeasurement be done?
      A. The remeasurement can be done using a vehicle equipped with a calibrated odometer. The parties are still in discussion over possible GPS devices we might agree to use for route remeasurement.


We will keep you apprised of any further developments.

Thank you,

Your National Board
Rural Route Digitization Program

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How many of you stop at a box with no flag if you do not have mail for that box? NOBODY!!! So, if you have a single box, on a dead end road, with no flag on it and you have NO MAIL for that box on any given day, do you drive down that road anyway? Just for shits and giggles? Nobody does that!

Will we see the result of our route

Has anybody had to “share” their cases with another route? Their summer times aren’t quite the same as winter. I can see the second shift spending a lot of Wait time during the holiday season.

The people that paid attention knew we were being watched since we got the GPS systems in place. Come on, now.

Nothing changed. Follow your LoT according to what’s in your 4003, ad we have always supposed to have been doing, and there’s nothing to worry about.

John Denver, the Union was not notified until March 25th and it was put on the site so I would say they did let us know as soon as they knew!

We just were notified that 5 out of 21 routes do not follow line of travel. They are asking for AMS/line of travel to be updated/corrected. Why were we not told we are being studied/observed? No heads up by the union either!

How will it differentiate from all the long driveway deviations we do every day that we get no pay???