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Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS) Update

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February 10, 2020

The NRLCA and the USPS have agreed to move forward with the new mapping program that has been developed and tested. Pilot offices in eight different districts are being mapped now and the process will expand shortly with a goal of getting all rural routes mapped in the next few months.

The mapping process is accomplished in two stages. The first stage is plotting the delivery points. This is done with the carrier assigned to the route working with a management or union facilitator. Every delivery address has four points associated with it that must be plotted on the computer using a combination of satellite and map images. The four points are:

  1. The location of the actual mailbox.
  2. The parking point when delivering the box.
  3. The parking point when delivering a parcel to the door of that address.
  4. The location of the door of the address.

Some of the points above have already been plotted on the routes using GPS data collected from the MDD scanner carried each day and scan data collected from parcels delivered to the door. However, the final determination of the placement is up to the carrier when the mapping takes place.

The second stage takes place later when the carrier will work with a facilitator to verify the line of travel and the traffic control points (signal lights, stop signs etc.) for the route. The line of travel is determined based on information entered in the mapping process above and using information obtained from the MDD scanner over a period of six weeks and logistical information obtained from commercial location service sources.

For both stages of the mapping process, carriers will be assigned to perform these tasks instead of carrying the route and will be compensated accordingly with auxiliary assistance for partial days away from the route or paid the entire evaluation when taken away from the route for the whole day.


  1. Follow your correct line of travel. If the official line of travel is incorrect, contact your manager and get it corrected.
  2. Scan all parcels correctly at the time of delivery.
  3. Scan all parcels delivered to the door at the door.
  4. Indicate on the MDD, the proper place of delivery on all parcels. (Door, Mailbox, Parcel Locker)

The next phase of RRECS implementation will be the change in MDD programming to include additional scans and entries specific to RRECS data collection. These entries will include timed functions such as Begin and End Load Time and Safety/Service Talks, along with volume entries such as Boxholders or Walk Sequenced Mail received. Notification, Stand-Up Instructions, training and additional compensation will be provided when we begin these additional entries.

We will keep you informed of further developments as they happen.

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Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS) Update

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