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Rural Time Standard Engineer Study Update

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A quick update- (Thank you Mike)

The 3 time-study engineers are out and about in the field now. They visited several offices in the Greensboro district and even rode with one carrier. All 3 are very impressed with the work that we do and the many tasks we have to perform. This includes the engineer that the USPS chose and reportedly they are not real happy with his reports. Oh well, as one of our arbitrators once said, “It is what it is”. Nice to get some folks who are not under the thumb of either side and can look at things objectively. Whatever they decide is what both sides are stuck with and is not negotiable or subject to grievance. Just a side note: If these gentlemen come into your office and wish to observe, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, change the way you do things. Don’t slow down or speed up. Just proceed as normal. That’s what they want to see, how we normally do things.

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