Ruralinfo tips – Did you know -Lunch Breaks – Feb 20th, 2019

Daily breaks - Did you know?

Did you know that management cannot require you to take a break? The parties agree that rural carriers at their option may take a lunch break, provided the time does not exceed (30) minutes per Article 30.1.F. The parties further agree this provision prohibits management from requiring a rural carrier to take a (30) minute lunch break.


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I always stop to put something in my stomach… your body deserves that!!! Nothing is worth ruining your health for…eating something keeps your metabolism and check. Getting home 10 minutes earlier is not going to make a difference

Yes, but with RECS you do 2 scans(in and out) every time you do take a break. So if you split your break time up and take 2 or 3 breaks, that’s 4 or 6 extra “scans” per day. 🙂