Small (unofficial) update on the contract

Small (unofficial) update on the contract. They haven’t declared an impasse yet. There are several issues still being discussed. The big ones are:

1) Management wants the authority to go under a K43 when having to adjust routes. Our current position is a hard “no.”

2) They also want more flexibility in assigning relief days in formula offices. Union is trying to meet this with benefits to affected carriers such as protecting their evaluation up to a 46. Currently I think it’s 44 or 45.

3) Health insurance benefits for RCAs to go above ACA requirements and closer to what career employees get. Management is claiming cost issues in their counter. Union push is to establish a minimum amount of hours averaged to qualify, not just be on a hold down.

4) Union is asking for an accuracy threshold on the mapping software before implementation, similar to the minimum accuracy of DPS.

5) The length of the evaluation under the new evaluation system each year is up in the air. At a minimum, 9 months. High end is pushing for 11 1/2.

A few other things too, but that’s what I can put out there for now.

Contributor names kept anonymous to protect the innocent. 😉

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Currently, if you voluntarily switch your drop day to : Tue, Wed, or Thurs.,you can grow your route to a 46 without it being cut; I did this 2 years ago.

Get us all on one pay scale not two we are all doing same job

I, personally, am interested in ONE major thing: forcing carriers to sort mail on the street…SAFETY is NOT a time standard.SAFETY by CHOICE, NOT chance right? Sorting fss/DPS on the street distracts the carrier from securing and maintaining a safe working perimeter around the vehicle. This specific distraction does not currently exist because we perform this function in the safety of the office. If the UNION refuses to uphold our option to chose, they will be,imo,in direct violation of the association’s statement; which in part states that the union is to ..’IMPROVE the working CONDITIONS of the rural carrier…’ Also…I… Read more »

Thanks for the info…retaining subs will be easier if we can get them some benefits 0

I don’t understand #5.

What I am really concerned about is Mail Count!!! I have been a 46k for the last 16 months now probably 47k and I will be 47k for god knows how long because it is up to my employer when the next mail count will be. I have probably 5 years or so before I retire. I don’t want to spend my last years working 10 hour days. This last Christmas just about killed me. 26 miles and over 900 boxes is too much!

What about having 2nd trips on a daily basis. It’s getting out of control. We look like idiots that forget pkgs on our first trip. My customers Never know when to expect us. Thanks to plants not having help and people not wanting to work. Never know when trucks will arrive Sometimes don’t get dps until 1130 happening at least once a week now. Something has got to give. Postal service trying to save money. Let’s start by stopping all the unnecessary extra time and mileage for 2nd trips. If it was that important should have been on first truck