Some information on the new scanners

Some basic information on the new scanners from a rural carrier who just started using it on their route.


The pen attached does not work.. You still have to have the customer sign the 3849.

When you deliver something you have to indicate where you left it (in mailbox, at front door, in parcel locker, with individual, with neighbor).

The screen is a touch screen, you can use the buttons, or tap on screen like a smart phone.

They download every 10 seconds, but the list of scans remain in the scanner and the number of scans can be verified at the end of the day.

You can verify how you scanned something, but you cannot change it after the 10 seconds/download.

They are not light sensitive.  They scan immediately in direct sunlight.





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Sounds a lot better than the old ones we have now.

Why don’t the pen work are they going to fix that

got mine today, it works great after getting used to. i still hate that it records my every move though.

Mine dint like scanning the 3849s However did like I didnt have to get in the truck to scan a del conf. half way in the truck and it was a quick it picked it up at an angle

Stacy Debruler…the new ones.

MzKandi Nicole Smith


The scanners do have the ability to sign on screen. They just don’t have that enabled yet. We will definitely be using less 3849s on route when it goes into effect.

Must be nice!!! We still don’t have them yet in ca!!!

More technology, more problems

Can it tell if you are using your cell phone and can I use my blue tooth speaker phone with it in the car??

Can it tell if I am talking on my cell phone and can I use my bluetooth speaker phone with it in in the car??

We got ours also. I don’t know about that 10 second delay, mine was going as soon as I hit the last entry in the scan sequence!

We got ours yesterday. Its scans great, but not surprised that you still have to have a 3849…knew it was too good to be true!

Parts don’t work……Why does that not surprise me.

Got ours yesterday! Definitely going to take some getting used to!

Update: They are light sensitive when attempting to scan the name and address on the 3849. You have to put down towards floor board in darker area and will scan the signature. Just FYI.

Only half of ours actually worked. The other half froze or had blank screens

Big brother is watching they will track you with these till you get scheduled for micro chip implant

If you can’t change the scan after 10 seconds what happens if you have to remove the scan for some reason? Like if scanned the wrong package at the wrong house for example.

Tara Martin
Marie Bonham
Nice to know how the new scanners are working 🙂


Boss told us it has more precise GPS than the cell phones they gave us. Great.

Cassie Davenport

GPS IS very precise, saw the pings when I got back, I could see where I was at the door for a certified. Yes it gets barcodes in direct sunlight, it’s faster, the keyboard is more intuitive, scanning a peach slip was not as easy. The side scan buttons only work AFTER you have jsut used the front scan button. You need to hit enter 4 times now instead of three for a mail box delivery. It’s too easy to just beep 4 times compared to clicking down the menu to enter an “other than mailbox” location. PM is checking… Read more »

If you’re doing your job correctly…you shouldn’t be concerned about big brother watching!

Al McCoy I can’t wait to get microchipped lol

We are using them in our office. We have several problems with them such as screens freezing up. I do like them when they are working properly but apparently there are some software bugs that need to be worked out.

That’s what it’s all about Wayne

Are all RMPO offices getting them?

I’m having problems with mine also scanning the 3849.. Spend several minutes trying to get it to take.. Ugh!

I just rescan it correctly even if it’s already gone. The where you left it part of the scan is hard for me to get use to using. So used too just pressing entry enter enter.. Now it wants to know where you left the parcel

Dark as you can get, on a solid background ie the dash, but the helpful method I have found is to start close and move the scanner slowly back from the 3849,
see if that helps

I had problems with scanning the signatures at first. What has worked for me is holding the 3849 at arms length when scanning. Around 2-3 feet away from the scanner. Seems to work every time like that.

We’ve had them for over a week now in the Bay Area!

You have to enter the address BEFORE you scan? Scan mine first with just signature. Fill in later. If they do want that, then it will /should/could nah not the PO mean that there is a few more seconds for signature confirmation/ certified/ registered. Nahh

Memphis does not have the new scanners yet… ???? Last time we got new scanners–half of them were USED and worn out????

Perfectly Said!