Some mail saved from rural letter carrier’s charred Jeep

A fire that engulfed mail carrier Pat Ash’s Jeep Wrangler last week also destroyed some but not all of the mail inside.

Marion firefighter Jim Davis discovered the mail.

“It wasn’t until the fire was out that we realized there was still mail inside” Davis said. “I’m sure some of it was charred, but we salvaged some.”

Postmaster Lori Kelsey said most of the mail, magazines, and packages were destined for delivery to rural customers south of Marion. However, some outgoing mail Ash collected that day also was in the vehicle.

“We apologize to our customers for this unfortunate situation,” Kelsey said. “Fortunately, our carrier escaped the fire unharmed. The fire department and out employees have done their best to salvage as much of the mail as possible. Any mail that was recoverable was returned to customers on the route.”

The process took several days. On July 6, the Postal Service sent letters to all customers potentially impacted.

It will honor claims for lost and damaged mail if the item was insured.

If an anticipated piece of mail does not arrive as expected this week, the Postal Service suggests contacting the sender to have it resent.

More information is available at Marion Post Office at (620) 382-2363.

Source: Some mail saved from rural letter carrier’s charred Jeep | Marion County Record | July 13, 2016