Statement of NRLCA President Ronnie Stutts on the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol

From NRLCA.orgRural letter carriers come from various walks of life, diverse backgrounds, and different places. We are a union of working men and women with different politics and beliefs. But we also share many things in common—among them a pride in serving the people of the United States every day and a love of our country and democracy. Many of us, too, have served in uniform or have family who have, and while we expect to see our men and women in uniform defend us from foreign enemies, the sight of them having to defend against a violent mob of American citizens is devastating.

That is why I feel compelled to address—and to denounce—Wednesday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol—a sacred building, which sits just across the Potomac River from our national office. While political extremists have committed isolated acts of violence in these hallowed halls before, not since the War of 1812 have we seen such devastation. Our Capitol was defiled, property was destroyed, offices were ransacked, and more than 50 law enforcement officers were injured. One Capitol Police Officer, Brian Sicknick, was killed in the line of duty after physically engaging with rioters. We mourn his death and pray for the injured.

Washington D.C. has been the sight of a diverse array of historic and recent protests from the women’s suffrage rallies in the early 20th century, to civil rights and anti-war protests in the 60’s and 70’s, to more recent demonstrations addressing all manner (and sides) of various social and political issues. But until now, Americans have almost universally shown respect for one another and respect for the sanctity of our democratic government, institutions, and monuments. They have expressed varying viewpoints zealously, but honorably. And that is why I was so saddened to see the violent, reckless and disrespectful attack on the Capitol, its law enforcement officers, and the lawmakers, staffers, and other workers within. I strongly condemn these acts.

Condemning such behavior has nothing to do with politics. Our membership’s feelings about the recent presidential election run the full spectrum of viewpoints. But this is about whether we truly stand up for the democratic ideals this country was founded upon—ideals that only work if we accept and defend the democratic process and the results of that process whether we like them or not.

Our country faces many challenges at this moment. We need our elected leaders to openly discuss and debate and ultimately decide how we are going to address them. But they cannot do their jobs when they have to don gas masks and barricade themselves in their offices because a small but violent group of individuals has them under siege.

Thankfully, order has been restored in our capital city and we are certain additional precautions will be put into place to protect our government and those who serve it. But if we truly cherish this imperfect democracy, we must strongly condemn acts that threaten it and restore our trust and faith in it. is not sponsored or authorized by the NRLCA, the USPS or any state or local association. The materials on’s web site are provided “as is”. They are presented here for informational use only. See full disclaimer
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If “Ronnie” Stutts is so self-absorbed that he thinks anyone gives a flying f*** what his opinions are in this matter, he needs to GO. Here’s my “statement”: The NRLCA needs leadership preoccupied with the rural carrier condition and we don’t give a crap what leadership’s political opinions are. This is vomitous.

There have been plenty of “statements” on this. Let’s have some statements or action on being swamped by Amazon for no extra pay. Maybe release the details of the Amazon deal. How about earning your salary. paid for by our dues.

How about a statement on the many issues that are directly affecting Rural Carriers around the nation? You won’t have a Union to be president of if the current trends continue. Working conditions continue to deteriorate and the parcel load is wearing out our workforce.

Can make a statement on this but won’t endorse a candidate for president when the current one has targeted the postal service . Let’s be consistent .

My husband bleed on foreign soil , he has shed tears in far away lands for his lost brothers all for those buildings that were so called attacked in Washington DC .. but he also did that for the small federal buildings and police departments that were desecrated by rampaging, disrespectful, selfish , riots from this summer, so you spit in my husbands face and tarnished the memories of lost Americans by posting this obviously one sided self serving ass kissing political view ..

I dont agree with the capital being taken like that either but where were you when federal court houses were being burned all summer 🤔 all riots are bad

Thank you Ronnie Stutts. I went into work and no comment made. Felt lost due to the turmoil. I believe something should of been said. For goodness sake one of our own federal employees died. Do not need to know anyones political party just a small acknowledgment for us all to be a team at this time.

Jill,keeping your head in the sand is not the answer either.By not taking a stand as a representative of a large government union you are suggesting your lack of opposition to lawlessness.If you feel the union rep has overstepped his duties .vote him out.Otherwise he was duly elected by the rank and file to represent our interests in such matters. If you feel so strongly.either vote him out , run against him on this issue or quit the union .In America we have lawful choices to express our view , breaking the law while an option has consequences.

I don’t condone what went on either, with that being said I don’t believe that you should have said anything as an official representative of our union.