Step 4 – Being Required to Take DPS Letter Mail to the Street During the Christmas Overtime Period

This case involved management requiring rural carriers to report late and then requiring carriers to take DPS letter mail directly to the street during Christmas overtime. The parties agree that there are certain situations where rural carriers can be required to take DPS letters directly to the street. Such situations include, but are not limited to, significant delays to the customer’s anticipated delivery window, not returning to the office in time to dispatch collection mail, and exceeding the overall weekly evaluation on a consistent basis. The parties further agree the Christmas overtime period does not directly impact the situations when rural carriers can be required to take DPS letter mail directly to the street.

You may view the Step 4 settlement letter here

Source: News Info

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Who’s gonna stop them?!?

Wait a sec, Am I reading this right? Isn’t this saying that management CANNOT force you to take the DPS straight to the street just because it is Christmas Overtime Period. In other words, they cannot harass you into changing you daily practices just because it is COP. Isn’t this a victory for those who like to case it?

Another NRLCA blunder!!! Losers!!!

They can not do it any different during Christmas than any other time.

are you kidding me!! management will send out carriers each and every day during Christmas overtime to carry DPS to the street, without a care, and if they run late, they will send out a sub (or what over they call them now) without a care to our client-customer when they close to the evaluation hours. The association (union) can not justify this decision, unless they look at themselves and ask–(when was the last time I carried mail) OR why didn’t we fight harder with more information–Sas
You wonder why membership is dropping—Really–so sad:(