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Step 4-Failure to Post a Route in Accordance with Article 12.3.A.2

This case involved management failing to post a vacant route within the timeframe outlined in Article 12.3.A.2. The parties agree that management may extend the time frame for posting of a rural route vacancy an additional 60 days to consolidate, adjust, or convert a route(s). The 60 day extension is intended to be used to complete the adjustment package and affect the changes. The parties further agree that should management fail to complete the adjustment package as outlined in the settlement for any reason, the original vacancy will be posted immediately in accordance with Article 12. If a RCA is converted to regular rural carrier as a result of this posting, the placement will be retroactively. Regular rural carriers awarded routes may be entitled to a monetary settlement based on the difference in the route evaluations.
You may view the Step 4 settlement letter here


Source: Step 4 Settlement on Management Failure to Post a Route in Accordance with Article 12.3.A.2

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