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Step 4 Grievance Settlement – Friday/Saturday Rotating Relief Day

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The issue in this grievance concerns Friday/Saturday rotating relief days in formula offices.

During our discussion, we mutually agreed the following will constitute full and complete settlement of the grievance:

Article 9.2.C.5.c. states, “The Employer will not require a single non-Saturday relief day to be assigned to more routes than a Saturday relief day. A Friday/Saturday rotating relief day or any pair of Friday/Saturday rotating relief days equates to one Friday relief day.”

In formula offices, non-Saturday relief days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, which includes Friday/Saturday. Management determines which non-Saturday relief days will benefit the office. It is advisable that non-Saturday relief days are spread evenly throughout the week.

Additionally, when offering Friday as a relief day, management shall consider offering a Friday/Saturday rotating relief day, either individually or in pairs. In instances when management does not offer a rotating relief day, the carrier may elect that option in lieu of a Friday relief day. Subsequently, management may choose to offer or assign by juniority, another Friday/Saturday rotating relief day in order to create a pair.

The grievant in the instant case will be granted rotating Friday/Saturday relief days within 30 days of the date of this settlement.

The parties also agreed that this language shall not be applied retro-actively with the exception of grievances being held in abeyance pending the outcome of this case. If a carrier is currently assigned a Friday relief day, this settlement does not entitle them to now choose Friday-Saturday rotating in lieu of the Friday relief day. However, this language does apply for any future implementation and/or recalculation of the Formula and assignment of relief days.


Click here to view the Step 4 Grievance Settlement letter.

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