Step 4 on 6 to 9 parcel delivery program

In dispute is the Postal Services action to circumvent mail, specifically parcels, in the 6 to 9 Play
program. This action is in violation of, but not limited to, Article 5 of the Collective Bargaining
Agreement, and the Final Determination, Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System
(RRECS), Submitted to USPS and NLRCA by: Dr. Louis Martin-Vega, Chairperson, Dean
of the College of Engineering, North Carolina State University, May 31, 2018.

6 to 9 Step 4
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When will you Rural Carriers wake up? STOP PAYING UNION DUES!! NRLCA is a sham!! Union Officers have it made at the expense of the craft they claim to represent. Your dues go to pay extravagant wages and benefits, meanwhile you are working 14 hour days in dangerous conditions. The NRLCA has screwed you over and they promise to improve your working conditions. Just look at your Union officers, how many of them would fit in a delivery vehicle much less survive a 14 hour work day. The Rural Carrier is the laughing stock of the Postal Service!!

I Don’t Agree With The 6×9 Early Morning Package Run….Especially When Our Amazon Doesn’t Arrive Until 545am(1st Truck) & 745am(2nd Truck)
Then We Return @ 9/910am & Case Mail & Sort The Rest Of Our Parcels(Many Of Which We’ve Already Been To That Residence, Only To Go Back Again. Start Route @ 1215pm…Return @ 8pm, After Working In The Dark For 3+ Hours While Riding With The Interior Light On! Still Working 14 Hours Minimum! The PO Is A Total $HIT SHOW!!!