Step 4 – Regular carrier's right to a leave replacement assigned to route

The issue in this grievance concerns a regular carrier’s right to require a leave replacement be assigned to their route in accordance with Article 30.2.A.2.

The Parties agree that management has a reasonable period of time after the written request of a regular rural carrier to have a leave replacement assigned to their route, which is defined as 120 days. If management is unsuccessful in filing a leave replacement vacancy on a “K” route during this time period, a part-time flexible (PTF) rural carrier position will be established, provided the PTF will be assigned at least (2) “K” route primary leave replacement assignments. The Parties further agree that it is understood that one of those assignments may be their current route.

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Our office was forced into a formula office. Those with the highest senority were given first choice for Saturday or Mondays off. the other weekdays were picked going down the senority list. Since then we have had several retirements with several more to come. The problem now is, management has now permently assigned these days off to all the routes. Subsequently there are now newly advanced RCA’s having Sat. or Mon. off and senoir carriers being required to take weekdays. When a carrier retires, shouldn’t the formula have to be recalculated? With the hire of new RCA’s.recalculation of routes to… Read more »

We have a PTF in our office, she is only allowed to work what they call her string of routes. They do not allow her to work any other routes in our office unless an emergency comes up. we filed a grievance when she management would not let her work the J route and we lost at the 3rd level.

You can only hire PTF’s if you have K routes. You have to have a minimum of 2 K routes and up to 4 or 5 for the max. A office with all H routes wouldn’t qualify. Your office must also become a formula office.

as of Feb 22,2014 I lost my sub due to her going to an aux route to hold down 6 days! when do I do a request letter for a Sub? What type of letter is this suppose to be?

PTF’s get benefits!!! THIS IS A GOOD THING!!!! The RCA position is a horrible dead end position that keeps a person stuck in limbo, often for years, without benefits! At least with a PTF floating the office, you have a person who has more rights to hours and can make a living wage. I work in an office entirely made up of H routes. Yes we could file grievances to hire more RCAs but who is going to want to work a job that has no guaranteed time and is on call 6 days a week without any expectation of… Read more »

with the way the main stream media is portraying the P.O. and it’s so called financial difficulties no one in the U.S.A. wants anything to do with getting a job with the U.S.P.S. also it’s the people who spend the money we make( Congress ) NOT the workers. they should be the ones who lose their job, not us. as a 10+ year R.C.A. i need to make as much money to supply the needs of my family and if that means P.T.F. so be it. i have had only 3 Saturdays of in 10 years and it’s not going… Read more »

Doesn’t the hiring of PTF’s mean that the office is converted to a Formula office? Where is the good in that? Won’t Management just drag their feet in hiring more RCA’s since the PTF’s “solve” the problem?

I meant to say “PTF’s may also provide relief on J and H routes as well as K routes until the RCA’s are hired.”

H, J and K routes are entitled to a sub!!! Submit a 120 day letter the file a grievance on the 121st day requiring management to hire a leave replacement for your route.

The creating of the PTF position does not stop the requirement for the Post Office to hire RCA’s. Yes, J and H routes are entitled to their own RCA’s. However, the PTF may also provide relief on J and K routes until the RCA’s are hired.


what about j routes are they entitled to a sub

What if there is not 2 K routes in the office?