Step 4 : Requirement to Dismount and Deliver on Foot to Portions of Your Route During Inclement Weather

This case involved management requiring rural carriers during a snow storm to park their vehicle, dismount and deliver by walking to each box on portions of the route. The parties agree that rural carriers are not required to dismount and provide service on foot when roads or entire blocks, or equally large portions of the route, are impassable or when access to several mailboxes (along a continuous segment of the route) is blocked.
You may view the Step 4 settlement letter here.

Source: News Info

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yeah our PM makes us doing everything against directives, because om doesn’t want to take calls.

We were told my the union DO NOT get out and deliver


Because when carriers are instructed apparently not all grieve it or point the safety hazard aspect

Yeah I would like to know that answer too!!

Penny Campbell Wright did you read the comments we are told to get out no matter what! Why is it different rules for every office?

Heck we do it every winter here I’m glad it finally made a step Four grievance

We have to get out no matter what

I just had a customer get mad at me for not delivering to his box. He is in a culdesac and has been notified several times for cars blocking. I pulled out of the culdesac and proceeded to the next culdesac and he drove up and blocked me from delivering. Walked up to my side and said his address and asked why I didn’t deliver?? I said I’m not allowed to dismount unless I have a parcel. He said how f’ing hard is it to get out? Then before I answered proceeded to call me lazy. I laughed at him… Read more »

As in some idiot having a party and his guests blocking every box for an entire block.

You should never dismount and walk on curb line boxes…it is a safety hazard ….that’s all you ever have to say

I can’t believe upper management was making a rural carrier do this! How dangerous!

I can’t believe they sent this to Step 3 – it seems like a clear interpretation in the PO603 example they cited. Blah…

Anytime I step out of the llv, it is excessive and dangerous to do so. So no mail for you