Step 4 Settlement on Deviating to Deliver Express Mail

Step 4 Settlement on Deviating to Deliver Express Mail

This case involved management requiring rural carriers to deviate from their line of travel to deliver Express Mail before noon regardless of the service guarantee. The parties agree that any management decision to require rural carriers to deviate from the normal line of travel for delivery of Express Mail, should be based on meeting the service guarantee listed on the mail piece.
You may view the Step 4 settlement letter here

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another traitorous acquiescent piece of crap by that useless turd joey[ HI I AM NAMED AFTER A BABY MARSUPIAL] johnson, ——————- so he says nope no national step settlement , so if managers need a an express delivered by noon, well ow they can make YOu deviate up to a trillion miles to deliver, and then will blame you , attention all 2016 national delegates, dump this idiot, ——————————– find someone who has balls and brains and who says more to managers than OH YOWZA BOSS MAN, I BE DOIN WHATEVER YO WANTS as a good idea, dump ALL of… Read more »

So now we deviate for free?

Thank you Jesus!

you are so silly Leland Grant but I agree with u. when will our union fight for the workers…at this point I feel like y do we pay dues y do we call union steward and y is there a contract..rural carriers get shitted on everyday

what i read is we only have to deviate if we cant meet the cut off time listed on the express mail , it doesnt say we wont be paid for deviating

of course not,

Lisa your right, this is saying that we no longer have to do a 12 oclock deviation if the guarantee is for 3 pm. Our district has been making us do ALL express for NC/SC mailers. If it was sent from NC or SC we had to deliver by 12 even if it says 3 on it or its a failure. They can no longer require us to do that. If it says 3pm its a before 3 not by noon delivery. About damn time.

Am I wrong?– I read that we can’t be made to deviate to get a Express there by noon(as our district insists) when the express says right on it 3PM.

thats how im reading it so now heres the question are they now not going to let us deliver the express

Lisa– and that was my second thought— just weeks till count.

i will file if its addressed to my route an there it belongs to my route

So the foreign expresses that don’t have a time on them?

Mary– most times when you scan those foreign ones, the scanner says 3PM express.

that is correct

Why did that even take a step 4 when the contract says you will be paid, plus get EMA if route and deviation add up to over 40 miles

Why wouldn’t they reiterate that if required to deviate to make the 3 pm delivery time that the carrier will be paid….. We are always left hanging on this crap, even when it goes all the way up the food chain.

You get pay mileage ( 3min per mile)

A Union Stewards responsibility is not to educate the masses. They are there to defend us when when our rights are violated. If more of us KNEW our rights, management would not have to guess. We need to stick together by educationg ourselves and letting management know of changes via documentation. These 4theps can be downloaded and printed off. Do they not give us documentation? It’s all they understand. Hand them a piece of paper , ask them to read it and get back to you in a professional manner. Don’t make them guess. Dont get upset. They don’t know… Read more »