Step 4 Settlement on Disengaging Shoulder Belt When Delivering from a (RHD) Vehicle

This grievance concerns management requiring rural carriers to only disengage the shoulder belt when the vehicle is stopped and then must reengage the shoulder belt prior to moving the vehicle. The parties agree rural carriers are not expected to continually unfasten and fasten the shoulder belt when traveling between mailboxes in situations when the shoulder belt prevents their ability to deliver and collect mail. Rural carriers should consider safety conditions before making a determination to leave the shoulder belt disengaged.

Step 4 Settlement – E06R-4E-C 09288606.

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As of 4/3/15, our office supervisor informed us that this was rescinded. I asked how a won grievance could be rescinded. He said there was never a grievance on the issue, just someone decided we could now take the shoulder belt off. Just goes to show you the BS management says to your face. I have printed out the letter to show him tomorrow, not that it’ll make much difference. We’ve won grievances on other issues in the past, yet management ignores them anyways. I hate that they are able to get away with doing to us whatever they want,… Read more »

Nice to see some common sense. How many years did it take settle this grievance, or in other words, how long did somebody pound their hands on the rock till the rock broke?

Nice that it settled finally.