Step 4 Settlement on Rural Carriers Being Required to Deliver Parcels beyond the One-Half Mile Rule

This case involved management requiring rural carriers to make delivery of ordinary parcels beyond the one-half mile rule. Management agreed to pay the carriers mileage and time to deliver. The parties agreed that the PO-603 clearly states in Section 331.21, “you must deliver parcels to any residence or business that is on your line of travel, or within one-half mile of the route and has a passable road leading to it.” The parties further agree these provisions limit the distance rural carriers are required to deviate in order to deliver ordinary parcels. Local management does not have the authority to unilaterally violate the PO-603 and claim no violation if management agrees to compensate the carrier. The deviation of the one-half mile rule does not apply when rural carriers are being paid actual time and actual miles for the delivery of parcels, (ie: Sunday/Monday Amazon parcel delivery, Auxiliary assistance, etc.).

You may view the Step 4 settlement letter here

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Not to me anymore, and there are no driveways longer than 1/2 mile for Carla. Good info, though

You can still do that, management cannot require it.

I believe by “passable” they mean a road that you are able to drive down without damage to your vehicle, not actually “passing” other vehicles.

Leigh Woody Carla Lee hmmm this applies to you ladies

I thought passable meant if two cars are driving towards each other, you have to be able to pass each other without backing up.

a normal car can drive without damage.

Yes, what is a passable road? Most people who have long driveways don’t have a passable road. They are one lane. Are we talking regular road because in that case there probably wouldn’t be a mailbox and then a house down the road a ways on a two-way road.

this soesnt include sunday amazon?

What is the definition of a passable road?

Sherrie Jackson Briscoe, look at this

WE have always been paid