Step 4 Settlement When Management Back Flows Mail Impacting a Mail Count

This case involved management putting out instructions to back flow mail from the office to the plant to put the mail in DPS just prior to a mail count. Immediately following the mail count further instructions went out instructing the offices to no longer back flow mail to the plant. The parties agree that dependent on a number of factors, when not back flowing mail could increase the amount of mail rural carriers are required to process manually. The case has been remanded to step 3 to determine if there was an adverse impact and if so, the appropriate remedy.

You may view the Step 4 settlement letter here.


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They have stopped letting me work on the RDWL and have sent me home after 4 hours. The only reason we are over is because we have been waiting 2 hours after leave time for parcels.

It could also drop your rt Lisa Sherrill

That’s why I’m having a DPS REVIEW on my route, they count your letters for 2 weeks and if the percentage of raw letters to DPS is less than at count they pay you raw letter time for all your DPS, my route will increase 6 hours

You can read about dps review procedures in po 603 I think it was section 545

Impact??? Taking 17 days off mandatory because I worked 17 days over 2080..Last year had 18 days over 2080…and so on and so on..

After 20 years of me bitching this so called Ass. about manipulation of mail before during and after mail count they finally do there job and catch on .. It will be interesting to see what we get if anything at all .We will no our answer in 6 years just like the 2002 settlement mail count bench mark they put on us

Val Davis – sound familiar?

Cindy Herchek Brittani Richter


Low down dirty dogs!!!!

Ingram Brent did you see this?

& changer their non scheduled days

rural carriers caught doing ANYTHING to manipulate the mail count are fired. managers need to be fired, not transferred, demoted , promoted, retired—– but FIRED and arrested, indicted, tried, find guilty and go to a nasty jail with bubba, kwame, and jorge as cell “buddies”

I have delivered mail in llate March that had Feb dates, on several counts. This is nothing new.

So what’s the resolution?

I’m amazed it came out. Usually they deny, deny, deny.

I agree with Jennifer Hunt. Oh my!!! Hiding and/or delaying mail???? NO WAY!!!! LOL

Soooo now what?

Nothing will happen. Its time for rural carriers to worry the dick-head pms.

this happens every mail count.this nothing new they just got caught this time maybe

And so what. we will get nothing for it. maybe we are sorry and won’t do it again( till next time).

Now what. Are we getting a settlement check??

Sounds like its not good

sounds to me like management got the “go ahead”

when are the managers who ordered, this and performed going to be fired?? that is the settlement I want to see, fire them for every under handed lie, act , harassment. etc,———————————- now lets see the management defenders get on here and try to refute their low quality and policy of immoral acts,