Super mailman’ – Rural Carrier saves mail after LLV catches fire

Midlothian, VA, Rural Carrier James Whitt had almost completed his route along a residential street when his LLV backfired and started running roughly. As soon as Whitt turned off the vehicle, the engine caught fire.

Whitt determined it was safe to unload the vehicle and moved the mail to a nearby lawn while a customer called 911. Firefighters arrived and extinguished the blaze in about two minutes. No one was hurt.

Whitt’s Postmaster sent out another truck so Whitt could finish his route.

Later that day, Whitt smiled as he greeted a customer and said, “Don’t worry, I saved your bills for you.”

Whitt’s story and pictures of his burning vehicle were featured in a community newsletter.(See more photos)

The headline: “Super mailman.”

via USPS News Link Story – ‘Super mailman’.

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Hey Sharon Bowen that looks like your truck !!!

How many more vehicles have to catch on fire before something is done?

Safety safety safety. Their motto. He will prob get fired

I am not putting my life in danger to save the mail. Hope he saved the Boxholders too!

Burn baby burn lol

During my training we were told to save the mail. I guess he was just following directions. Glad he’s ok.

Its amazing what some carriers will do…kudos to him but I’m thinking his life is far more valuable then the mail is. Just sayin

Monica Lambright see!

I’m glad he’s ok too ! You are so right Gail ! I really don’t think I would have saved the mail !

Wow!!! He’s fortunate

I might have grabbed what I could and ran!!

Glad he is ok

And made him finish his route. Seriously?

He should get an award for best carrier!

Vickie W Bailey, of the Asheboro, NC post office did the same thing while delivering from a standard passenger vehicle. Received no accolades or congrats or awards. She’s one of the best ever!!!

this is happening way too often. these trucks are getting too old and should be retired.

Glad he is ok.