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System Maintenance of HCES to Affect Rural Carrier Bidding February 18-21

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System Updates:

There will be system maintenance of HCES from Saturday, February 18, at 6:00 AM (CT), through Tuesday, February 21, at 6:00 AM (CT).  This system outage will affect Rural JBM.

During this time frame, rural carriers will be unable to submit job bids for posted vacancies.  Rural carriers may attempt to submit bids during this time and if they inform management of a bidding issue, they should be instructed to resubmit their bid(s) sometime after 6:00 AM (CT) on Tuesday, February 21. 

The parties at the national level have agreed to extend the closing dates for regular route and PTF in-office postings dated February 10 and 11 to accommodate the HCES outage.

The parties have further agreed that current district-wide postings will not have an extension to the closing dates.  While job bidding will be unavailable Feb 18 – 21, there is sufficient time prior to those dates and additional time following the outage for rural carriers to submit bids on district-wide postings.


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