Paying it Forward Rural Carrier Style

The past two weeks have been a very stressful two weeks for rural carriers across the nation.  We have been backed in to a corner and forced to defend our livelihood.  It has caused sleepless nights, sickness and flat out aggravation and stress.  We have been told we are petty, liars and thieves. For those … Read more

A tale of two realities… Editorial by

I am sure we have all heard of the USPS posting an 8.5 billion dollar loss for 2010. This number just jumps off the page at you doesn’t it? 8.5 billion dollars? How in the world can the USPS survive something like this? This kind of number could make postal employees really wonder about the … Read more

Let them Eat Cake… The USPS version..

  A trend has developed lately that is very disturbing. It seems that postal employees, and our wages have become the whipping post of USPS management, Congress and the media. They howl and groan that labor costs in the USPS are 80% of USPS expenses. Basically, the public perception of us has been destroyed by … Read more