Step 4 on Management Accompanying Carrier on Route Inspection

The issue in this grievance concerns whether the postmaster or designee must be accompanied by the rural carrier assigned to the route during a route inspection. After reviewing this matter, we mutually agree that no national interpretive issue is fairly presented in this case. Handbook PO-603, Rural Carrier Duties and Responsibilities, Section 52, defines the … Read more

NRLCA: Step 4 Settlement on Salary Advances

The issue in the grievance is management refusing to issue an emergency salary advance, claiming that the grievant had been “terminated” when, in fact, the grievant was not. The parties agree that:   “Handbook F-101, Field Accounting Procedures, Section 23-3, Employee Emergency Salary, outlines the authorized and unauthorized conditions for issuance of an emergency salary advance. The … Read more

Step 4 Settlement on Bypassing RCAs to Avoid Overtime

This case involves management bypassing an RCA to work on a route that is not the primary assignment when scheduling day-to-day to avoid paying overtime. The parties agree Pre-arbitration settlement, G00R-4Q-C 02139495 (M-84 in the Quick Reference Guide) from Willis, TX, addresses the entitlements of overtime when scheduled to your primary assignment on a day-to-day … Read more

Step 4 Grievance Settlement on Amazon Parcel Lockers (APL) and the Upcoming February/March 2018 Mail Count

This case involves management refusing to compensate carriers when servicing newly established Amazon Parcel Lockers. The parties agree that the actual street addresses associated with APLs must be served by a rural route. During a mail count, in addition to the normal mail volume credit, credit will be provided as follows: Column 17, Other Suitable Allowance, … Read more

Step 4 Settlement on PS Form 4232

This case involves management requiring carriers to maintain PS Form 4232 for each customer on the route even though the route has 911 addressing. The parties agree only rural carriers that provide service to customers that have Rural Route and box number style addressing are required to maintain a roster of customers. Handbook PO-603, section … Read more

Step 4 Settlement on DPS Flats in a Non-Withdrawal Office

This case involves management stating that the withdraw of DPS flats in a non-withdrawal office is included in the final hot case pull. The parties agree, in those instances when a rural route is NOT provided the withdrawal allowance, DPS flats MUST be provided to the carrier at their case.   Click here to view the Step 4 settlement letter. Source: … Read more

NRLCA Files National-Level Step 4 Grievance on Tests

On July 18, the NRLCA filed a Step 4 grievance concerning the Postal Service’s increased use of lengthy “tests” involving new delivery services and other rural carrier functions on rural routes. Despite repeated efforts to determine the Postal Service’s position on the appropriate duration of such tests without building any new duties/functions into rural route … Read more

Step 4-Failure to Post a Route in Accordance with Article 12.3.A.2

This case involved management failing to post a vacant route within the timeframe outlined in Article 12.3.A.2. The parties agree that management may extend the time frame for posting of a rural route vacancy an additional 60 days to consolidate, adjust, or convert a route(s). The 60 day extension is intended to be used to … Read more