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Texas Rural Carrier pulls man from overturned SUV

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Lometa, TX, Rural Carrier Robert “Bobby” Odom was driving to work recently when he saw a Ford Bronco swerve, flip and roll three times before resting on its roof.

“The Bronco crossed right in front of me. I was very lucky it didn’t slam into my vehicle,” he said.

Odom stopped, called 911 and rushed to the Bronco. The driver was trapped, so Odom — a volunteer fire chief with extensive emergency medical experience — climbed inside and cut the seatbelt.

Police and emergency responders arrived and began treating the driver. Meanwhile, Odom noticed a dog lying under a tree. The animal had been ejected from the vehicle.

Odom checked on the dog, which was shaken but otherwise OK. The animal was later reunited with its owner.

Postmaster Kay Sutherland said Odom’s actions reflect his willingness to help anyone in need.

“We are very proud to have Bobby on our team,” she said.


Source: Heroes’ corner | USPS News Link

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