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The Christmas Holiday Season is hard for Postal Families

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The Christmas Holiday Season is hard for Postal Families. They work long, hard hours in order to ensure that those treasured packages arrive before that big day of celebration and feasts.
People that do not work for the Postal Service take for granted the incredible service and time that is provided in order for millions of packages to arrive safely and correctly.
Yes they do make mistakes because they are human, and yes sometimes weather and breakdowns happen and cause delays.
Clerks, Carriers, Mailhanders, Maintenance, VMF workers, Truck Drivers,Supervisors, and all of those positions not named, miss out on alot of those celebrations and festivities because they have an important job to fulfill during this time of year.
They are tired and overworked and sometimes it feels overwhelming, but yet somehow they get it done.
So this week, as they continue to press on to do their best to make your Christmas special, remember to thank them, because usually all that we hear is the bad.
It really does mean alot to us to know we are appreciated even though we dont always get it right.
Merry Christmas to my fellow Postal Workers! You do make a difference.
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