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The Evaluated system, the Guarantee period and the Christmas OT period. What does it all mean and how did we get here?

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There are a lot of questions floating around lately about X days, the Guarantee period, and the Christmas Overtime period.   Which is not surprising because the Evaluated system itself is confusing.  I have been a rural carrier for quite a few years and still find things that surprise me once in a while about the evaluated system.

Have you ever tried to explain the Evaluated system to someone other than a rural carrier?   Have you ever tried to explain it to a new sub?  And not to mention trying to explain it to a former “clerk” or “city carrier” Supervisor or Postmaster.  I am not sure how many rural carriers have had to explain it to their managers, but I am quite sure the number is huge..   Most of our managers tend to just get thrown in the middle of this very confusing system..

The link below explains a LOT of things about how the evaluated system works, and it also explains the Guarantee period and the Christmas Overtime period.  It is a long read, but it is well worth it if you want to understand how we got where we are now.   If you want the full “BIG PICTURE” view of the Evaluated System, then I highly recommend taking the time to read this.  You will come away with a much better understanding of WHY we have some of the provisions in our system that we do and you should also get a picture of HOW they came to be..

So without further delay


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