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The state of USPS management

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Postal management at the local level has always been hit-and-miss. Over my long career, I have had a few excellent managers and a lot of terrible ones. The good ones almost break your heart when they end up leaving your office, as most ultimately do. A bad manager can severely alter the work environment.

People often ask why the relationship between craft postal workers and management is so adversarial. A lot of that happens due to craft workers having a union contract that holds management’s feet to the fire to follow a contract. But it also happens because, every once in a while, the veil slips, and something shows you what certain managers think of those they are responsible for managing. When something like this comes to light, it really can show you what is going on behind the public eye.

This is an email that a POOM and Labor Specialist sent out through the postal internal email network to other managers in the New York and PA areas.

This one is the cover sheet that was sent out in June 2024

This one is the article linked in the above cover sheet

This one is from a POOM in the New York area

Turn the AC off and drive them out?? Is this really where we are?  You might say well that’s just one POOM, but anyone that has been at the USPS long enough knows this is far from an isolated opinion.  There is such a disconnect from those in the upper echelons of USPS and those that actually have boots on the ground. This all contributes a toxic work environment.

Don’t believe it?  Just take a look at  public reviews of working at the USPS..   Click here and here

The environment got worse over the years I worked there. I see so many different scenarios posted now that show how bad it has become since I retired in 2022. Emails like the one above do not help at all. The state of USPS management has gotten worse over the years and I don’t know if it will ever improve. If you come across a good manager, let them know how much you appreciate them because they truly are a rare thing in the USPS.

In order for anything to truly change at the USPS, those at the upper level will have to be willing to, first, admit there is a problem, and second, be willing to address it.  They certainly haven’t been willing to address it in the past.  Since 1970 there have been 26 acts of violence at a postal facility in the United States.

I am in no way condoning the violence that was acted out at these facilities.

I just know, that sometimes the pressure, stress and the work environment can push people to do unspeakable things.  Giving lip service about EAP being available is not going to cut it.  All postal managers from headquarters to District POOMS to local Postmasters and Supervisors need to take a long look at how you manage.  Do you treat your employees with dignity?  Do you treat them as human beings?

The whole system needs to be pulled up by the root and a new environment brought forth.  I am just not sure that the USPS has the culture to do it.

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