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The USPS Double Standard..

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Historical Editorial – Not recent- you will see references to past events

The latest GAO report about spending by management just shows that
the the USPS recession only affects craft workers.

While craft jobs are being cut management is continuing business as
usual.. There is a new VP of “something” about once a month. Plans
are in the works to reduce mail service to the American people by
closing and consolidations and reducing service to 5 days.
There is also a report out there at the PRC where the USPS is quietly
closing stations without going through the proper legal process.

Carrier routes being eliminated or cut and rebuilt, leaving carriers to
carry more mail for free. FSS and IMB are not working like intended
and are not realizing the cost saving the USPS touted in the beginning.

Carriers cannot get their mail in time because of clerk cuts in the post offices.
Customers complain of the long lines because there are not enough clerks to
handle the business.

They are trying to drive everyone online to buy stamps, turn in COA’s, etc.
Meanwhile, they are planning on GPS in all postal vehicles so they can “Catch”
us criminal craft workers doing something.. They have done nothing to address
the harassment of clerks or carriers in post offices by PM’s or supervisors. The mailers
are not happy or jumping for joy at the USPS new requirements..

Thereare a couple of instances where the USPS has falsified time cards and
ended up paying millions of dollars in arbitration awards..

They continue to harass us for using our earned sick leave. There is
even on case where they fired a woman for using all of her sick leave
while having leukemia..

It is my opinion that the USPS intends to “SAVE” the USPS on the back of
the craft workers.

The assault of the craft workers continues while USPS Management
throws lavish parties and meetings? Craft workers have lost their livelihoods.
What has USPS Management lost? Have they put themselves on a budget
to help combat this mail volume crisis? Oh yea, their salaries have been
frozen. They have not actually lost like the crafts have, they are holding where they are..

They live in a different world. They are like the big banks in this country.
Everyone else loses while they sit on their throne and continue business as usual.

Contract negotiations are coming up for all of the USPS craft workers. Do you
think they will have mercy on us? Do you think they will offer what is fair?
While all of us are glad that we have a job in this economic situation, that
doesnt mean we cant voice our opinions or feelings against the assault of
craft workers.

They are sitting atop L’Enfant Plaza screaming “Let them Eat Cake” to the
craft workers and the American people.

So, with all of this in mind, I am challenging each and every one of you to
provide a copy of or a link to something that shows where USPS management
is not living under a financial down turn.

Believe me it will be an all out attack on our craft when
we get to negotiations. They will prove to Congress and probably our union that
we are in drastic financial dire straits. We can only hope the NRLCA is prepared for this
fight. It will be like no other fight we have been through before.

The USPS will use EVERYTHING to combat us, and the NRLCA must be prepared to
fight back in the same way. No longer can we hope to break bread with USPS
Management at L’Enfant Plaza. Those days are long gone. They will use every
dirty trick in the book to lessen our financial stability. They will have one
hand on our shoulder telling us how important we are to the USPS, while using the
other hand to stab us in the back.

So, give me what ya got.. How about it?

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