There is no knowledge without unity

I am seeing a lot of posts about carriers returning from their state conventions. I would love if someone would put together some highlights I can share with everyone. With the huge growth of this website and our various social networks, surely someone is willing to step up for me..  There have been several in past years that have shared their knowledge with all of us and I hope someone will help me out this year too.

Always remember that some of the information you get here is because someone shared it with me. I know carriers are “warned” about sharing on social sites, but really, this is the age of the internet and telling someone not to share information on a social site is IMHO ridiculous.

If you have information to share and you do not want to be identified, I can post it anonymously.. I fiercely protect the identity of those that share information with me. There have been many times I have been confronted about who shared information with me and their identities have never been released. Isn’t that the saddest thing? A head hunt for someone that shared INFORMATION!  It goes against everything this website and myself stands for.

Anyway, please think about sending me some State convention highlights. I would deeply appreciate it.

A man can only attain knowledge with the help of those who possess it.


You can email me something if you would like at   Thank You.

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No bennies.

no benefits and irregular hours.

nice 2 out of 3 but #1 was bad relations with management

That’s awful.

I want it all!!! LOL not really surprise about the employee/employer relationship.

We weren’t shown a pic chart on RCA retention….

It’s not funny but I wasn’t surprised by the pie chart with results of an exit poll on RCA’s that resigned. top 3 amounted to about 75% any guesses?

Chris Boyd curious, what were the for and against arguments? Any against?

Would also like to see RCAs able to participate in the TSP. That can’t be hard.

I liked how he explained the study’s progress… & how it all has to be verified. I’m hoping it will help me a little. I cut the eval close some weeks

I do too…Last time I saw Linda she said the average was 5 hours under. I’m on the lower end of that average.

I’m still waiting for my “ah ha” moment here… some info on engineered study. will be exciting to see how it works. new scanners, a device that looks like an “easy” button to capture gps calculations. nothing we didn’t really expect yet. 1 more day….

Who’s there this year Sandra Mack?

David Heather

You went Chris Boyd? Send a message to RI Rural!

I did and 3 days packed into one message is not my style but I was proud to pass a resolution asking for all RCA’s to earn leave based their hours worked like aux route carriers do. With amazon prime and the under staffing that is leading to many rca’s working multiple routes and 40+ hour weeks- it is much needed. Still along way to go.

nothing to report yet….

What does that have to do with it??? Just register…….it is very simple!

would love to but your other site now requires registration

I’m excited to attended my 1st state convention next week!! Georgia

free speech can get you fired when you work for the ‘gov’t’

Theoretically, free speech still rules so long as you don’t post “in the name of the Postal Service.

I can’t remember anyone in Ga telling us not to post on a social site. We have discussed the PO social site policy and how one could get themselves in trouble by things they post. I would tend to think they are referring to a carriers rant more than info received at a meeting.