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Twas the day after Christmas overtime

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Its that time again.. I always pull out my Christmas OT poem about this time every year.. I wrote this a few years ago, but nothing ever changes..

Twas the day after Christmas overtime

and all around my case

were piles and piles of catalogs

with not an inch of floor in the place

I peered through the piles, looking for “the man”

expecting him there with my time sheet in hand

But what did my wandering eyes did appear

Only a clerk with more piles did appear

I started to case as fast as I could

Knowing my haste would do me no good

Piles and piles continued to appear

quickly dousing my holiday cheer

Then out on the dock there arose such a clatter

I ran outside to see what was the matter

A big truck, on the side said USPS

The driver grabbed a buggy to unload all the mess

There were phonebooks, and samples, along with Advo

The buggy was filled and starting to overflow

“The man” pulled up in his assigned place

He looked an me and said “Get back in your case”

He said he could rest now Christmas overtime was done

With an evil laugh he snarled, your day has just begun

The mail must go, every piece every day

It cant sit on the floor, get it out of our way

I asked cant I have aux help or Overtime

He told me I surely had lost my mind

Christmas Overtime is over, you know how it works

Just face your case and stay the course

I cased and cased until my back started to spasm

Never seeing an end to this flat chasm

I asked please, please can I get on the street

He said OK, you have a dispatch truck to meet

I loaded up my vehicle as quick as I could

Ended up having to tie some up on the hood

Dont block your field of vision, the man cried out

You know how important safety is, he added with a shout

Dont miss that truck, he said in a threatening manner

If I have to drive mail to the plant, I’ll drop the hammer

What if it gets dark while I’m delivering the mail

Turn on your dome light, Alaskans arent that frail

I shoved mail in the boxes as fast as I could

Driving faster than I really should

I made it back without a minute to spare

“The man” was there sitting in his chair

I’ve already worked 12 hours today

He said “suck it up” you’ll be ok

Come in early tomorrow to get a head start

Teamwork is important, you need to play your part

As he sat at his desk, with his coffee cup in hand

I wondered if he had a clue that I could barely stand

He stood up and said , he was too tired to talk

All those emails he has to read, make him too tired to walk

I signed out, so my hours he could track

while he sat there patting himself on the back

I headed out the door with a look of disgust

With only one thought in mind “Christmas Overtime sucks”

A Ruralinfo.net original 😉

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