Update on Rural Carrier Pay Schedules and Back Pay

The National Office has received numerous calls and messages regarding the status of rural carrier salary schedules and back pay. The USPS is required to calculate and pay the retroactive salaries as soon as administratively possible. However, due to the complexities of the rural carrier salary structure, programming the payroll system that is required to make these changes will likely take another month or two to complete. In addition, the APWU ratified their contract only a few weeks before NRLCA, so the Postal Service is also in the process of finalizing updated pay raises for their bargaining unit members.

Once payroll programming is completed, the new salary schedules will become effective and retroactive payments will be made to all affected employees. The dates of these payments will be announced ASAP when we receive that information. Please continue to check the NRLCA website for the latest information.
Update on Rural Carrier Pay Schedules and Back Pay


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Not that complex to me. I can run a calculator.

You know what step we are on. It can’t be that hard via form 50 to just pay us correctly. I will give you it would take awhile to calculate bay pay for every carrier. Total bs if they can’t pay us correctly for 3 months after a signed contract. More back pay is not the issue. Cost of living has gone up. My pay should go up. Not wait for a year to get back pay.

Yeah, they need to get a move on; we have another COLA coming in July.

Might take 3 months or so is a complete joke. No cola for 18 months now and inflation highest in 40 years. Union is awful, at this rate they will take it on to November cola

So another way of saying, keep waiting….it’ll be a while. The level of disarray at the post office is far exceeding that of my experiences at the VA hospitals.


Mass walk out is needed

They don’t care about us. Just if they can go golfing and partying why we work 10-12 hour days delivering their stuff.

This is not right!!! The contract was ratified in March. It takes four months to take effect on the pay and we just sit her and let it happen. Then union doesn’t seem to really care about us but expect there union dues EVERY CHECK. And if your owe the PO money it’s taking out the next check. Not to mention the PO management breaks the contract all the time with nothing done to them for doing it. I think it’s way past do far the workers to break then contract and walk out I bet shit gets right away… Read more »

Hay union why are you not standing up and fighting this. We the workers( you know the ones that pay you to represent us) demand our money on the next paycheck. I wish I could pick and chose to pay my dues based on your performance. You would get **** done then I bet

This is why many carriers are quitting the union. We have very poor, weak representation. It’s time the people near the top in the union wake up.

Just like the pay we were supposed to get for packages for covid and Christmas