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Update on Rural Carrier Pay Schedules and Back Pay

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The National Office has received numerous calls and messages regarding the status of rural carrier salary schedules and back pay. The USPS is required to calculate and pay the retroactive salaries as soon as administratively possible. However, due to the complexities of the rural carrier salary structure, programming the payroll system that is required to make these changes will likely take another month or two to complete. In addition, the APWU ratified their contract only a few weeks before NRLCA, so the Postal Service is also in the process of finalizing updated pay raises for their bargaining unit members.

Once payroll programming is completed, the new salary schedules will become effective and retroactive payments will be made to all affected employees. The dates of these payments will be announced ASAP when we receive that information. Please continue to check the NRLCA website for the latest information.
Update on Rural Carrier Pay Schedules and Back Pay

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