UPDATE: Retro Pay Adjustment to be in February 17 Check

Per NRLCA  UPDATE: Retro Pay Adjustment to be in February 17 Check

UPDATE: Please be advised that the retro pay due to rural carriers will be reflected in the February 17th paycheck.


As you know, the Postal Service (USPS) and National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) ratified and signed a new collective bargaining agreement on March 23, 2022, approximately 6 months ago. The new ratified agreement covers the period May 21, 2021 through May 20, 2024, and provides much-deserved general wage increases and cost-of-living (COLA) adjustments for rural letter carriers, including retroactive general wage increases dating back to August 2021 and COLA adjustments for July 2021 and January 2022.

We were advised by USPS officials that due to antiquated USPS software issues, the retro payments due and owing to rural carriers would not be made until May of 2023.

Upon learning this new information, I called Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and he was able to move up the retro pay date to January 31, 2023. While I appreciate the efforts of the PMG, a 10-month delay demonstrates a total lack of respect for rural carriers and is outrageous and completely unacceptable! While we are glad to have a date to look forward to, we are continuing to demand an appropriate remedy for all affected rural carriers. We filed a national-level grievance in August and if a suitable remedy is not agreed to by the parties, we will immediately move the issue to National Arbitration. The reality is the USPS has known for years that its software is outdated and that it must make retro payments every contract cycle. Enough is enough. We will not be party to giving management interest-free loans on the backs of our carriers!

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So February 17th is the day that the NLRCA’S get their retroactive payment. A bang for a buck. Is it interest FREE/ tax FREE since they had to wait? Is anyone doing anything about that? Also is anything figuring out who the the is the scammer in the post office that scams money when you start the classes, or when a vehicle breaks you start getting scam calls or the damn emails from Christopher Wray, Ex postmaster general or new postmaster general? There’s your damn software issues. Nothing but a bunch of crooks in the USPS Department.

Can you say a big cover up for ALL THE SCAM CALLS AND EMAILS. That is why all you NLRCA’S are not getting your money. All their software issues is for the birds. They are too busy sending employees scamming emails and phone calls. CONSPIRACY

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So you say that the retroactive payment for the NLRCA’S will be February 17th. Is there anyone going to sue? If you all have time to SCAM your works with the emails and phone calls I believe you have time to send their hard working money. Stop playing games and pay because there is NO software issues. If there were there then the clerks and everyone else would NOT of received theirs already. Just a big cover for ALL the SCAMS.

That’s adorable the way you’ve worded this like you did us a favor.

Why are you stupid Rural Carriers still paying dues to an organization as useless as the NRLCA? February will come and go and no back pay with yet another lame excuse from USPS. Fact is USPS does not have the monies to pay its debts. My office owes a local garage $40,000 for towing and servicing our ancient fleet. Keep swallowing the crap your Union is feeding you. Rural Carriers are the laughingstock of Postal management!

Are you for real? Software issues my ass. How about a LAWSUIT. We were told August, then the last pay period in January which was last week, now you are saying February. The people that have retired or quit really need that now. Shit or get off the damn pot. The RCA’S really get the end of the stick.

How are rural carriers who were employed during this period and have since retired , to recieve the back pay owed to them. Will a check be sent to them or will it be direct deposited as their paychecks were ?

While your at it why don’t you talk to Dejoy about rural carriers doing amazon for free for the past 5 years!

Everyone make sure to adjust your tax withholding on lite blue so the USPS doesn’t keep 50%. Id love it if all 75000 regular carriers ALL went with Head of Household/10 dependents for February, then change back in March to your normal withholding. Im expecting $2000 range. My math puts my backpay at $2084. That’s about what Im expecting anyway, But that’s using mail man math, which is the equivalent to middle school math Im guessing.

Bet money, they dish out whatever they want without much clarification, and no avenue to argue discrepancies. This is what having no power feels like.

The formula as I understand for regular carriers is $0.93 * work hours between PP19 of 2021 and PP05 of 2022 + $1.57 * work hours between PP06 of 2022 and PP15 of 2022. Take that number and withhold 22% for federal supplemental tax, 7.65% for FICA, and any state and local tax.

Does this apply to aux carriers too or only regular?

Hi. What is the “formula” to determine how much I am owed?

supposed to be?

So are they going to try to say: “Okay, so here’s your $5.00”? How can we tell how much it s

What about carriers that retired after the agreement was made in March? Do they get their back?