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UPDATE: USPS Payroll Issues During Pay Period 18

Rural Carriers: The USPS is working to remedy the payroll errors that occurred in pay period 18. Eagan is working through the adjustments from PP 18 and they believe they will have them finished by the end of the current PP (PP20). Although there have been sporadic reports of missing pay checks or $0 pay checks this pay period, there have been no system-wide issues. Any reports from this pay period are all local issues and will require an adjustment at the local level.


 NOTE: Rural carriers are not required to pay back the salary advance until the Postal Service has paid them for the missing pay resulting from the USPS system error.

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Deborah R
Deborah R
18 days ago

My check was 0….the postmaster claims he forgot about the adjustments….a bunch of c**p

Lou Gotts
Lou Gotts
17 days ago

You need to file an “unfair labor practices complaint” with the department of labor.

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